Cleveland and North Yorkshire Sporting Clay League


Just emailed out the fourth newsletter, send me a text/message if you have not received one. Cheers

 The League 70 Bird Shoot will be hosted by Duke of Wellington& Fox Hall on Sunday 4th August Duke's ground

Entries are from 10am to 2pm. Entry Fees are £15 Competition/£13 Birds only (£2 paid in classes) Felt wads only

 Trophies to be returned for the League 70 Bird and End of Season Classifications - Please can you get trophies back to your Captains or back to myself.

Team Class Place Name    
DW A 3rd Declan McVeigh


DW A 1st Declan McVeigh Returned
DW Colt 1st Sam Pooley L70
GS Winner   John Smith  
GS AAA 2nd Mike Foster  
GS Lady 1st Katie Carvey  
GS New 2nd Daniel Sanderson  
GS AAA 1st Mike Foster L70
LD A 2nd Paul  Wheatley  
LD B 2nd Paul Wheater  Returned
LD Colt 2nd Chris Warne  
LD Lady 3rd Sheila Jackson  
MA AA 3rd Kevin Handley  
MA C 1st Paul Corrie  
MA C 2nd Richard Adamson  
MA Colt 1st Joel Ogden  
MA Colt 3rd George Laverick  
MA Lady 2nd Lyn James  
MA New 3rd George Harrison  
MA Vet 1st Tony Masters  
MA Vet 2nd Steve Masters  
MA 1st Paul Corrie L70
MA Lady 1st Lyn James L70
MA Vet 1st Tony Masters L70
OL AAA 1st Andy Calvert  
OL AAA 3rd Callum Hanley  
OL B 1st Kevin Lister  
OL C 3rd Leyland Scott  
OL New 1st Kelvin Young  
OL Vet 3rd Ron Calvert  
OL Overall 1st Andy Calvert L70
OL Team 1st Oak  Lodge L70
SP A 1st Charlie Scott  
SP B 3rd James Lyon  
SP New 1st Dave Woolley L70
UN AA 1st Matthew Darragh  
UN AA 2nd Paul Marwood  
UN AA  1st Matthew Darragh L70
UN B 1st John Armstrong L70

LEAGUE HANDBOOK HAS BEEN UPDATED - Addition of Section L - Cartridges 

  1. The maximum volume or payload of a cartridge may not exceed 28g
  2. If a member uses any other cartridge on the course, their score shall be disqualified.

Reminder - Felt wads are only to be used at Duke of Wellington, Fox Hall, Great Smeaton, Lordstones, Marne and Urlay Nook 

Results this week
Wednesday 17th July (Week 12)
Spennymoor 180 v 158 Lordstones
Marne 181 v 175 Oak Lodge
Great Smeaton 182 v 171 Urlay Nook
Duke of Wellington 189 v 182 Fox Hall
Next Fixtures
2019 Season - 24th July (Week 13)
Fox Hall v Marne
Lordstones v Great Smeaton
Oak Lodge v Spennymoor
Urlay Nook v Duke of Wellington

Latest League Table

2ndOak Lodge1291219
3rdGreat Smeaton1281317
4thUrlay Nook1251611
7thFox Hall122195
8thDuke of Wellington121294